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About Us

About our Company

At The Yacht Experiences™ our philosophy is to deliver hands-down the best experience as the most elite yachting company in the coastal zone of Mexico for luxury sea adventures.

Discover, travel and toast to the best Caribbean destinations by sea, with our original and unique experiences carefully crafted for the most demanding tastes.

Catamaran Rentals Riviera Maya Mexico Luxury Yacht Experience

About our Crew

Our captains have more than 10 years of experience in luxury yachting. We have an outstanding team of Chefs, Divemasters, Sailing Crew, and Hosts. With extensive knowledge and experience in the luxury travel, leisure, service, adventure sports, and yachting industries, each and every member of our team is excited to spoil you – it is simply our pleasure!

Catamaran Rentals Riviera Maya Mexico Luxury Yacht Experience

About our Service

All of our experiences offer Premium and VIP service, including an international, top-shelf bar with high-class mixology, fresh fruit, and cocktails. Dining is served á la carte from a menu of the day, which is handpicked, market-fresh, approved, and then prepared onboard by our Executive Chef. Our daily menu consists of local and market-fresh ingredients, from our main courses of seafood, meats, fruit, and vegetables right down to every detail of the garnishing and presentation.

From beach towels to repellent, you don’t just get the essentials. Need something special? Ask us, then consider it done.

Catamaran Rentals Riviera Maya Mexico Luxury Yacht Experience

About our Experiences

We provide you with the key to the Mayan Riviera, taking you to many locations only accessible by sea, along the last untouched coast of Mexico. We will take you to places nobody else knows – secluded, virgin beaches, secret spots for viewing the best sea life and natural land and seascapes – and on the most remarkable aquatic adventures. The luxury offered by our experiences allows you to choose what best suits your preference.

We curate unique and highly original concepts, so your trip is also supplemented by the opportunity to experience interpersonal wellbeing, communication, inner peace, happiness, and satisfaction. This is what sets The Yacht Experiences apart from any other company.

Nothing compares to exploring the crystal-clear Caribbean coastline and virgin beaches, spending one of the best days of your life enjoying the sun, sand, and sea aboard a luxury yacht. Spectacular destinations, chasing the sunset across the horizon, a night-time swim among bioluminescence, going snorkeling or diving at night, falling asleep under the comfort of the stars to the gentle rocking of the waves, and waking up to the breeze in a landscape of turquoise waters as far as the eye can see. Take a morning swim, have breakfast while contemplating life, mother nature and the sea, then prepare to do it all again…

We take tremendous pride in sharing our lifetime experiences with you so that your time with us is unforgettable. There is no doubt that after choosing to take one trip with us, The Yacht Experiences will become your go-to for recommending mega luxury yacht travel to friends and family. Your time with us will certainly make a huge splash in your memory, and you’ll find yourself telling the story about the best boating vacation of your life, over and over again.

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About COVID-19. See how we achieve this

We understand you may be worried about joining us right now with everything that is happening in the world. To offer you our assurance, it’s important to let you know that safeguarding and taking care of others is at the very heart of what we do and who we are. To ensure your well being, we have increased our cleaning standards even further by implementing a sanitation procedure against COVID-19, together with Cleanwork Orange, a company specialized in disinfection and cleaning systems, based in Cancun.

After each tour, the yachts are sanitized by spraying and electrostatic application of BIODES 21/3, a biodegradable organic “Sixth Generation” microbicide developed in Japan and registered by the FDA.

This electrostatic and fogging technology for environmental disinfection eliminates viruses and bacteria on surfaces. Likewise, misting is the most effective way to reach every corner and crack in any environment.

We greatly appreciate your trust and are ready to restart operations as soon as tourism returns.

We know you have questions and we are here to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts.