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What if I need to cancel my experience – how do I do that?

First of all, we will try to reschedule your experience, so it is imperative that you contact us as quickly as possible. For any reason related to the COVID-19 that affects the trip, 100% will be reimbursed, until the day of the trip, proof required.

If the cancellation is not related to COVID-19 and it is not possible to reschedule, the following cancellation policies will apply:

30 days or more prior to your experience: 80% refundable.

15 to 30 days prior to your experience: 50% refundable.

Less than 15 days prior to your experience: your experience is non-refundable.

What is the cancellation policy?

Weather conditions such as rain, cloudy or windy days, are not reasons for, nor do they justify a cancellation. Cancellation due to weather is exclusively a decision which can be made by The Yacht Experiences and will be communicated to customers by email or phone before the start of the tour. If a cancellation is made due to weather and The Yacht Experiences cannot arrange a date to reschedule, the tour will be fully refunded to the customer.


The weather here in the Caribbean is very changeable, so even if you look at the weather forecast and see cloudy, windy or poor weather, don’t worry:

  1. Firstly, weather forecasters often get the weather wrong in this area.

As boating experts, we always keep an eye on up-to-the-minute weather updates, using many sources, so if anybody can make the right call, it is us. You will be informed if the weather is too bad to go out.

  1. Even if it’s raining or cloudy at your resort, 20 minutes or so away, it is quite possible that here at Puerto Aventuras Marina, it is sunny.
  2. On the ocean it is always sunnier than over land. It might be cloudy and drizzling over land but once you get out on the ocean, it’s sunny.
  3. We have another great advantage here at Puerto Aventuras Marina which is that we have a sheltered area just outside the marina where we can take you and anchor up if it’s too windy to go further out. This way, you still get to have an awesome time enjoying the yacht, bar, swimming and snorkeling.
  4. Being on a yacht in the Caribbean, even on a rainy day, is a wonderful experience, as the sea temperature does not change due to the weather. It is a unique, magical experience to be swimming, talking and having fun on a beautiful sandbar in the middle of the sea, under the rain. If this does happen to be the case, you will see that it is well worth it!


If the yacht is unable to launch on time because of severe weather conditions, our very first priority will be to try to reschedule your booking. Such a situation could lead to either a delay or a cancellation. We are eager to keep your booking, but as boating experts your safety is imperative to us. Our experience, combined

with the very best possible methods of determining the weather conditions go into the process of making a preliminary decision to delay a launch. We then continue to keep an eye on the radar and other reliable methods of determining the most accurate weather forecast in our local region. Please note that local weather can and does change frequently – we will only cancel the launch if we have exhausted every option and the weather conditions are severe enough to put you, our guests, staff and yacht in danger.


If weather conditions are severe and we do make the decision to cancel your trip, we will refund 100% of your deposit immediately.

About the weather in the Riviera Maya

As the weather constant changes, up and down the coast, we will advise you of our best outlook from the marina where we are based. It tends to be sunny by default here in this rainforest climate zone, and storms or overcast pockets occasionally move up and down the coast. We are experts in boating, so keeping our eyes on the most recommendable and up-to-date weather reports is our job. Your safety, along with that of the yacht and our crew comes first, and we take this responsibility very seriously.


It could be overcast with storm clouds at your resort, yet sunny where we are at Puerto Aventuras Marina, even if you are less than 10 kilometers away.

Another great advantage here in Puerto Aventuras is that we have a secluded cove just outside the marina where we can anchor up in calm waters if it may be too windy out on the ocean. This is an equally incredible place to enjoy the yacht and bar, as well as to swim and snorkel.

Where is the yacht located?

Here is a map so you can easily find your way to the marina and to the dock. We will give you all necessary and detailed information once you make your booking.

Is transportation included?

No. However, we can help you arrange comfortable, air-conditioned and chauffeur-driven, round trip transportation to pick you up from locations anywhere between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, to Puerto Aventuras Marina and back again.


You may already have your own transportation so please keep in mind that for guests coming separately everyone needs to be on the boat at least 15 minutes before your scheduled launch time. Please refer to the pack we give you once you make your booking, as it contains all the necessary information, including driving directions and maps to get the marina and yacht.

What should I bring with me?

Our staff and team go above and beyond the basics, making your comfort and convenience the top priority. This means you can pack light and worry less. However, we do recommend bringing personal items, sunglasses, ocean-friendly sunscreen and of course, a great attitude. We supply a lot of the extras, including towels, high-end snorkel gear (Cressi), and of course, all premium bar and meals. We even have a waterproof camera onboard to capture those extra special moments, right about the time you think to yourself “I wish I had taken the time to pack along a waterproof camera to capture this moment…”.

What if any of the travelers need a special diet?

Are vegetarian, vegan, or other specialty meals available?

If you have any special dietary concerns, please inform us at the time of booking. We will accommodate our guests in every way possible.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Yes you can, but please be aware that we do not allow glass on the yacht. Upon arrival, we ask that you please give anything you are bringing on board to a member of our crew, simply so that we can handle any glass bottles. These restrictions are only for the care of the yacht, and of course to keep everyone safe onboard. We will make sure you get anything you brought back if it remains unfinished at the end of the trip.

Motion / Seasickness

If you suffer from seasickness don´t worry. Many people are afraid they will become seasick and it never happens! Just in case, we offer preventive measures, and of course solutions, to help with the possibility and fear of sea and motion sickness among our guests. We can return immediately to sheltered areas in the event of someone in the group getting sick.

  1. We are careful to chart our courses along routes that are less choppy. On the day of sailing our captain always steers the yacht towards less waves and the smoothest possible ride.
  2. Better to be safe than sorry! We have Dramamine onboard available for anyone who wants to take it as a preventive measure. Dramamine tends to be very effective, without having side effects and we recommend it to anyone prone to motion sickness. It is recommended taking it prior to departure to avoid taking chances with seasickness.
  3. It is always our priority to adhere to the preferences of our guests. Luckily, we can offer plenty of destination choices and immediate solutions for guests who prefer calmer waters.

-We have an amazing inlet with completely flat water, just outside the Puerto Aventuras Marina. The water here is crystal clear, chest-deep and great for relaxing, swimming and snorkeling! This is also where we can go if the weather is windy and making the water choppy.

Additionally, we can go to another sheltered are called La Bocana. Here, the water is completely calm, with only a low wall of rocks separating this cove from the ocean.

Do you have snorkeling gear?

We have top quality snorkeling gear, as well as the latest life vests. If you have your own snorkeling gear that you would like to bring, go for it! We will gladly stow it for you while we are underway and get it out for you when you are ready to hit the water.

“Cleanliness is near to Godliness…” ALL of our gear is sanitized before every single tour. We take pride in our high standards and invite you to walk around and inspect the organization and cleanliness of our boat upon arrival.

Do you provide life jackets for all guests?

Yes. We have enough life jackets aboard for all passengers. Life jackets provided in case of an emergency, but you are not required to wear one during the trip. We will help you to ensure that any small children have proper lifejackets on and are correctly fitted.

We have a baby / young child – Can they come along?

Yes! We have life vests in very small sizes so children can come onboard. Just be aware that no one in the crew nor the company can take responsibility for your baby or child. He/she is entirely your responsibility during the whole trip. Our crew will be happy to help you with any request you may have.

Do we need extra cash?

Having extra cash on hand is completely your choice and preference. Things you can do with your cash include buying souvenirs and tipping for great service. If you think the crew aboard did a great job and really made your day, we often have guests that show gratitude with a tip.